Professional Golfer, Jordan Zunic, crushes off season goals with Elastic Golf Pro Tier

Jordan Zunic used Elastic Golf's Pro Tier app to help him increase his strength and body mass during his mid-season break. Jordan achieved significant results, including gaining 5 kg, a 25% increase in his 10RM squat and swing speed gain of 2 mph to 117 mph.

Improvements Made

Swing Speed Gain:
5 mph
Best score since joining:
Movement Results:
  • Weight 87 kg to 92 kg (5 kg gain)
  • 10RM Squat 90 kg to 120 kg (25% gain)
  • 10RM Bent Over Row 40 kg to 50 kg (20% gain)

Jordan’s Story

Jordan is a successful PGA professional golfer who recently turned 30. He has been an incredible supporter of Elastic Golf.

For the past 18 months he has been focused on elevating his game to try and achieve professional status in Europe or America. A chest injury has been holding him back. 

We got to work helping Jordan overcome his chest injury, and through our training, we discovered that mid back weakness was at the root of the issue, causing a slouched posture as he fatigued during play. The focus of our initial training was building strength and endurance in Jordan's mid back to improve his posture and reduce the pressure on his chest, ultimately leading to the resolution of his injury.

Jordan, who is tall and slender, especially in his upper body, has been consistently training with the Elastic Golf App since our beta release. He has been focused on overall fitness, with a particular emphasis on strengthening his legs and upper back.

With a busy schedule that recently allowed for a six week mid-season break, Jordan is spending his time in Queenstown preparing for the next season. He has big plans for the year ahead and knows he needs to be stronger to handle the demands of travelling and playing professional golf in Europe in 2023.

The Pro Tier

The Elastic Golf Pro Tier, is designed with professional level use cases in mind. Jordan has a narrow six week window to achieve a fairly lofty goal of increasing muscle mass and functional strength. We have planned every workout, pre round warm up and post round warm down, all Jordan needed to do was execute. 

The first four weeks of the plan were focused on general strength and mass-building, with two foundation strength sessions, two shoulder strength sessions, and one leg and back strength session per week.

Jordan's daily routine also included a stretching session to ensure he doesn't lose flexibility as he gains mass and strength. 

Each practice or playing round was preceded with a 20 minute dynamic warm up and followed with a passive stretching routine. 

In addition, a couple of "Fix your Slouch" sessions were included each week to help Jordan maintain his athletic posture.

The final two weeks of the six-week plan shifted the focus to power and speed, with power sessions and time spent on the range hitting his driver with speed. Research shows that it's important to hit balls with speed in order for the training in the gym to transfer to the golf swing.


Without surprise, Jordan has been very dedicated to his goals and achieved great results. He gained 5 kgs of mass over the last 5 weeks and considerable strength gains, all whilst maintaining his mobility and postural strength. His 10 repetition max Squat has increased by 25% and his 10 repetition max Bent Over Row by 20%. Further to this his driver club head speed has increased by 1.7%, all of these significant gains helping to build a more resilient and stronger golfer.

Jordan found the Pro Tier and the Elastic Golf app easy to use, it made him accountable and he was able to communicate with us through the app. 

“I feel like I have my physio in my pocket. Every day is planned for me, it helps my team track my progress and keeps me accountable. I look forward to the 2023 season with Elastic Golf.”

Jordan Zunic
Touring Professional